L'Insufficienza Venosa Cronica Cerebro Spinale nella Sclerosi Multipla

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of CCSVI (Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency) Echo Colour Doppler Sonography for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency The Angiology staff at CIDIMU, headed by Dr. Riba, has studied and refined the technique that makes it possible to diagnose chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency with echo colour Doppler sonography, following the standard procedure established by Prof. Zamboni and his group from the University of Ferrara. This diagnostic technique is made up of four phases: the first involves an examination of the neck veins of the patient in a supine position using echo colour Doppler sonography; in the second phase, the same test is done on the patient but this time in a seated position; in the third and fourth phases, a transcranial echo colour Doppler sonogram is carried out on the patient first in a supine position and then in a seated position. ENDOVASCULAR TREATMENT Dilation angioplasty is currently carried out at different CIDIMU locations, including Pavia and Milan. The interventional radiologists who perform the angioplasty procedure are Dr Jacques Clerissi and Dr Cesare Massa Saluzzo. For further details about the treatment, you can visit the following link: Those patients who have undergone screening with the echo colour Doppler sonography at the CIDIMU facilities and have resulted positive for CCSVI may choose, if they so wish, to be put on the waiting list for the procedure. The waiting list is established in accordance with the CIDIMU ethical code and gives priority to those in the following conditions: – patients with the severest forms of Multiple Sclerosis – patients with Relapsing Remitting form of Multiple Sclerosis going through a violent worsening – patients who are youngest in age. The cost of the procedure varies from 4700 to 5000 euros and includes: – treatment – hospital stay – post-treatment echo colour Doppler sonogram – post-treatment neurological examination Further information and appointment scheduling: +39